Carlos Cuadrado, 26

Carlos Cuadrado aka Triangvlo, after getting his degree in film technician (2012) he got a Cinematography Master Degree (2014) and a Film Production Master Degree (2016) at the Instituto del Cine Madrid.

At just 22 directed and produced his first short film “El Abuelo”, which was selected, among many other festivals, for Cannes 2017.  He conceptualized and shot his second short, Un “Animal Como Otro Cualquiera” (An Animal Like Any Other) while living in India in 2015. The latter is about to start out on the festival circuit with representation by Spanish film distributor, Agencia Freak.  In 2018 Carlos was invited back to Instituto del Cine Madrid to teach a class on Documentary Cinematography.

Aside from his work in film, Carlos’ photography was shown in La Capela Gallery in Paris, forming part of the 2018 exhibition “Angst”.  He is also the creator of various video art works such as «Sex, Star Wars and Ants» and «58», and this year he produced emerging rapper El Nieto el Grave’s first music video, which will soon be released.